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Danny & Mackenzie Wheatley

Aug 10, 2017

Mike and Jed have been doing what they do for years, now. However, Framestead is their new venture with new clients, so we wanted to talk with their first clients — Danny and Mackenzie Wheatley — to see how Framestead is doing as they begin this new path.



What were you most surprised about with your Framestead experience?

“The finished product and how amazing everything came together!”


Why did you renovate? What was it that you really wanted to change about the house?

“We bought the house knowing we wanted to renovate it before we lived in it, so we never really lived in the space before. But, we knew we wanted a more open floor plan right away. In our previous home, we had a great kitchen – dining – large office space that was all connected — and that’s where we would all be 90% of the time. No one was ever in the 800sf living room. So in this house, we wanted to use ALL the space. That meant opening up the living – dining – kitchen – office areas so that it was all accessible.”


What are you most pleased about AFTER the renovation?

“We knew in theory what we wanted, but could never have planned the space and all the details on our own. Their designer, Danielle, was key in making sure we got the most of the space. It’s absolutely everything we hoped for…times ten!”


How has the newly renovated space impacted your daily life?

“Having such efficient access to everything has been very impactful.”


How have the changes impacted the way you feel in the space?

“Everyone loves the new space. We have two teens and they often comment on how much they love it. They mostly love the open floor plan, and being able to all be together.”


What are the top three reasons you would recommend Framestead to your friends and family?

  1. The quality of work and attention to detail was excellent.
  2. Their communication was great. I always felt like I could reach Mike or Jed and they had a very timely response.
  3. Timeliness. Their workers were there every day. We’ve had another contractor on a previous job and there would be days when no one showed up which would cause delays. That was so frustrating! Now I know how much to appreciate when a job is getting done on time, especially when we were “camping out” upstairs without a kitchen.


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