3 Unique Highlights of Our Remodeling Excellence

3 Unique Highlights of Our Remodeling Excellence

At Framestead, we understand that deciding on a remodel and finding contractors can be overwhelming. However, it shouldn't be. What if we told you that we could handle everything for you—from design and selections to contracting, construction, and final cleaning. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing you with a top-notch experience and exceptional results. This blog discusses a few highlights of working with Framestead on your next remodel.

Turn Key

Working with a full turnkey company means that Framestead will handle everything within your project from start to finish. Our clients are not responsible for hiring or inquiring about any other contractor for their project. We work behind the scenes to hire and contract people and save clients time and effort. This also ensures that the person being brought in can build to the Framestead standard. We take time to know and understand what our client wants design and build wise, then we take complete control of the project. Trusting your home with someone else can seem daunting, although we ensure that the homeowner is still involved in decisions and schedules. The next section will discuss how we achieve that communication with the homeowners. We know that any kind of renovation being done to your home can be challenging. Being turnkey ensures that the renovation is the easiest and smoothest process for our clients.

Dedicated Project Management

At Framestead, each project manager is assigned a specific job during the initial design phases of a project. This approach allows the project manager to thoroughly comprehend the project and home and create a workable construction schedule. We are cautious not to overwhelm our Project Managers with too many projects to ensure they can focus on each project effectively. While this might result in a slightly longer wait for your project to start, it guarantees that our managers can dedicate ample time and attention to your project. Our project managers maintain a close relationship with homeowners, providing daily updates and being accessible for any questions. Their hands-on approach keeps you well-informed and involved in the progress of your home. Additionally, we utilize an online platform to keep clients informed with project updates, photos, and payment details. This meticulous attention to detail accelerates project completion and ensures superior construction quality.

Top Grade Building & Raw Materials

We are dedicated to providing and choosing your home’s finest materials and hardware. This ensures that your home looks stunning and is constructed with top-quality materials. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our team carefully selects each component to harmonize with your vision. Our skilled craftsmen bring passion and precision to every project, transforming your home into a space where memories are made and cherished for many years. We emphasize using premium materials and construction methods, ensuring that your home is crafted to the highest standards and intended for long-lasting enjoyment.

Working with Framestead has a fantastic perk – we manage every aspect of your remodeling project. You won’t have to lift a finger or spend endless nights researching options online. Our team is fully equipped to handle all tasks in-house. We’ve covered everything from bidding and insurance claims to obtaining city permits, design, selections, and partnering with reliable tradespeople for the project’s labor.

When you select Framestead as your home remodeling or custom home builder, you get a highly trained and experienced team. We are here to make your home dreams come to life and make the process of doing that as smooth as possible. From the first site visit to the final visit from your project manager, we have you covered. Trust Framestead with your next home project.

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