8 Ways To Improve Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers For More Storage And Functionality

8 Ways To Improve Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers For More Storage And Functionality

Sleek and modern kitchens are very popular nowadays. When browsing magazines or watching TV shows, you'll notice these kitchens with minimal to no clutter on the countertops, where everything flows seamlessly. You might think, "No one actually lives there," but home builders and designers have found ways to conceal your gadgets and accessories within your kitchen cabinets and drawers. While this may seem inconvenient, making it troublesome to access items for cooking, it's actually quite practical. These designs can improve the functionality of your kitchen while simplifying the cleaning and organizing processes. As builders, we ask the right questions to understand how you use your kitchen and have years of experience creating these custom kitchens. This helps us grasp your needs and preferences better. In this blog, we will discuss some of our favorite additions to incorporate into kitchen drawers and cabinets. These minor enhancements can significantly improve your kitchen space's functionality, appearance, and organization.

Utensil Drawers

These drawers are tall and slim, equipped with removable and washable holders. The concept behind these drawers is to store your bulky cooking utensils, provide a convenient spot to place them during cooking, and then store them away after cooking. Positioned next to the stove and oven, they streamline the cooking process and maintain cleanliness.

Pan Drawer with Dividers

Sheet pan organizers help you maintain order and quickly access your slim pans. These dividers can be crafted from cabinet wood, or metal racks can be set up as partitions inside the cabinet. This helps you quickly access the pans you need and prevents them from getting jumbled up and causing frustration.

Pull-out Shelves

Deeper upper cabinets can provide more storage, although reaching the very back of these cabinets can be difficult. This is why we love creating pull-out shelves within these cabinets. These shelves glide smoothly, extending outwards to bring items from the depths of the cabinet right to your fingertips. You won’t have to struggle or strain to reach items stored in the back. With pull-out shelves, organization and convenience come together seamlessly, making your kitchen functional and user-friendly.

Built-in Outlets within the Cabinetry

Installing outlets within drawers can create a space to plug in gadgets and a charging station for your home’s electronics. It’s a clever way to streamline your space and keep your countertops clutter-free. Not only does it provide a convenient spot to charge your devices, but it also allows you to keep unsightly cords out of sight.

Large and Tall Drawers for Large Pots

Deep bottom cabinets are crucial for storing larger pots and pans. Given their tall and bulky nature, it is essential to have dedicated space designed to accommodate their size. Utilizing these areas enables better organization of all your larger cookware.

Corner Organizer

Corner cabinets can be challenging to utilize efficiently. Installing rotating shelves allows you to easily access items in the cabinet and maximize the space available in these corners.

Trash pull-out

Trash can pull-outs offer a solution to hide the unsightly appearance of a trash can. By incorporating a pull-out cabinet specifically for the trash can, you improve the aesthetics and enhance functionality. Housing the trash can within a cabinet allows you to place it wherever it best serves its purpose. For instance, situating it near the oven or stove can save you from carrying scraps across the kitchen.

Mixer lift

Lifts for mixersare a fantastic addition to lower cabinets. Beyond mixers, these lifts can also accommodate large cooking appliances. With these lifts, you can say goodbye to the hassle of lifting and moving heavy items around. It’s a convenient solution that keeps your kitchen organized and your cooking tools easily accessible.

Below are some examples from kitchen remodels, that Framestead has done. These kitchen cabinets and drawers were designed with the homeowner in mind. We want all our clients to enjoy being in their kitchens and have its lay-out being fully functional while looking sleek and modern.

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