Free Estimates     (832) 376-5130

Free Estimates     (832) 376-5130

(832) 376-5130

Custom Homes

Timeless beauty, modern functionality, and intelligent design. That’s what makes a Framestead house.

Built just for you.

Whether you’ve found that perfect lot or are just looking for something entirely new, Framestead can make your vision a reality. From the first design meeting to your move-in date, we’ll be there every step of the way.

Easy to maintain

Our homes are not only easy to maintain, but they’re also easy to upgrade. Our design plans consider your needs and the fact that times change.

No wasted space.

Our experience in remodeling has taught us how to maximize space and we put that into our homes. We use every inch of the house that we can.

Designed for growth

Get a home that grows with you. Whether a baby is on the way or a family member is moving in, your home will be ready for your growing needs.

At Framestead, everything matters.

Design and Functionality

Our homes are custom designed to suit your needs. And since we design them from scratch, we use every inch of the house. You don’t see fur downs in our rooms.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Framestead’s custom homes and remodeling ensure your home feels just like a home, day in and day out. We focus on every detail possible for better fit and finish.

Mechanical and Plumbing

Our AC designs will cut your heating and cooling time in half while the plumbing design is both efficient and placed to maximize value. Ask us about our industry-leading mechanical rooms!


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