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Polish and protect your favorite place to be.

Secure your most important investment.

From your rooftop down to your foundation and around your perimeter fencing, Framestead has the solutions to protect your home with strong and beautiful exteriors. With our extensive experience in building custom homes as well as remodeling homes of all types, Framestead can make your home’s exterior look better without all of the headaches.


We offer full replacement or repairs and use the latest high-impact shingles to the latest metal roofing solution. And don’t worry, we design and install gutter and drainage systems as well.


From siding repairs to full siding replacement projects, Framestead can help. We utilize the latest weather resistant materials and precise processes to enhance and protect your home’s exterior.


Over time your driveway, sidewalk, and back patios can begin to show wear and cracks. Framestead has an eye for details and knows how to make your exterior flatwork look better and fight the elements.


Exterior Paint & caulking is the best defense to protect your siding and prevent the elements from getting in. Our design staff can work with you to ensure you pick a great palette that matches your style and vision.


Privacy and security our perimeter fencing at the maximum HOA allowed height can provide the look and privacy you want. Materials include beautiful cedar to classic weather-treated pine, all built on top of a rot board. 


Chimney crown degradation and flashing is a major cause of water penetration. We will work with you to repair or prevent damage. We can also ensure it visually matches your home’s exterior since every little detail matters.

“Our home turned out so beautifully it sold before it hit the market! We were so pleased with Framestead and plan to use them again to build our retirement house....wherever that will be!“

Melissa Sturgis

“The tradesmen that Framestead uses are fantastic, and a level above what you would normally find.”

Erica Ladwig

Why Framestead?

Attention to Detail

Getting the job done right is important to us that is why we start each project with a detailed scope of work and a plan of what is to be accomplished. Our Project Managers will oversee each step to ensure this plan is followed precisely so the end product is exactly what you expect it to be.

Experienced, Professional Staff

Our team has decades of experience to back up what we promise. The remodeling world is constantly changing and each member of Framestead makes sure to keep up to date with the latest building trends and best practices. Red Adair said it best, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Locally Owned & Operated

Not only are we your premier Kingwood remodeler, we are also your neighbors. We are honored to have the opportunity to increase your quality of life and also the value of our community through our renovations.


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© Framestead LLC    •    All Rights Reserved
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