Inset vs Overlay Cabinets

Inset vs Overlay Cabinets

In-set or Overlay cabinets have been debated over time; it ultimately comes down to the look and style preference of the homeowner. In this blog, we will go through the differences and even some of the pros/cons of both options.

Inset Cabinets

The inset style sits inside the cabinet box frame. This creates a flat cabinet face and makes the structure appear one piece.

This style is very commonly used in many transitional or traditional homes. This style option is typically more expensive due to the work and time that goes into crafting these cabinets. Since they are inset, the door must fit perfectly within the cabinet door frame, meaning that the craftsmanship must be precise. Precautions are also taken to ensure that the cabinet frame is in good condition and has no blemishes since the door does not cover any of the cabinets, exposing the entire frame. Another significant difference between the two styles is cabinet space. Since the inset’s doors are inside the cabinet frame and not sitting on top, the doors take up potential storage space within the cabinets. Another factor that you must think about with inset, is hinges. While some insets allow for hidden hinges, some have exposed hinges on the doors. This will enable you to choose hinges that complement your style, with options for darker or lighter metals to suit your preference. Overall, the inset will be a great choice if you prefer a traditional or transitional look for your space!

Overlay Cabinets

Overlay cabinetry is another popular option, surpassing in-set options. Overlay is when the cabinet door sits on top of the cabinet frame.

There is a full overlay where the cabinet door covers the entirety of the cabinet framing. This option is popular in modern homes. It gives a sleek and clean look to your cabinets. There is also half-overlay, where you can see some framing between the doors. These cabinet styles are also cheaper options since the crafting and installing this style are less precise and complicated than the inset option. There is more creative ability regarding types of doors and their looks since they are on the outside of the frame! If you are looking for a style of cabinetry that is more unique or modern, overlay is the option for you! There are more options for having freedom with the style of the cabinetry with the overlay cabinetry.

You can truly go right with any of these choices. Though they may seem like minor details in your overall space and design, they give the room a specific look and style with what you choose.

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