Modern Framed Shower Glass

Modern Framed Shower Glass

Various design elements are considered when a client expresses interest in a sleek and modern bathroom. One such element is a framed shower. Since showers take a significant portion of the toilet, why not make them a focal design feature?

A framed shower is where the glass pieces are crafted with metal. The metal frame goes around the glass and along the top and bottom of the door, as well as the glass shower wall. You can mix the color of the metal framing. Letting you have a bit more fun with the style of the shower. Popular colors are bronze, gold, and silver. This is a great way to tie in other accents and match different finishes in the bathroom. Framing is perfect for bringing your design desires into your shower space. Framing your shower lets you quickly get a modern flare to your bathroom!

Regarding the type of showers that can be framed, you can do any type. Framed showers can have sliding doors; this gives the shower an open and clean look. As with a sliding framed door, there is typically no paneling; it is just one large glass door with the frame on the outside rims. You can also do a pivot or hinged shower door with framing; this is common if you want the framing to be more of a statement and noticeable. There is also the ability to choose different types and styles of paneling if you decide to do so. This is another unique design element that framing your shower glass can bring into your bathroom space.

Choosing a framed shower allows you to choose thinner glass when designing your shower. When a shower does not have framing, it has to have thick, heavy glass that can withstand having no frame. This can make the shower doors heavy and thick, which can be difficult for specific clients. Choosing framing will allow you thinner glass, making it easier for the door to slide or pull open and close!

Cleaning your framed glass is very important to do regularly. With the framing, it is essential to pay attention to the framing area. It can be expected that build-up will happen around the frame area. However, when the glass and framing are taken care of regularly, build-up should not become a problem. Regularly cleaning your framed glass will enhance the piece’s overall appearance and ensure that it remains in good condition for years to come. You can keep your framed glass looking beautiful and well-maintained with some care and attention.

No shower is too small or too big for our team to handle. Say goodbye to endless searches for the ideal shower frame – we have the expertise and resources to design and build custom-framed showers. Your shower project is our priority. Contact the Framestead team today to transform your shower area into a contemporary and stylish space designed just for you!

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