8 Things To Include In Your Custom Laundry Room

8 Things To Include In Your Custom Laundry Room

It is essential to create a laundry space that is both functional and beautiful. Making the laundry room a pleasant place to spend time can turn a mundane chore into a more enjoyable task. Remember, a well-designed laundry room can make a big difference in your home's overall functionality and aesthetics. Throughout this blog, we have listed 8 things to include in your custom laundry room so that you can get the most out of it!

Integrated Pull-out Laundry Hampers

Having a discreet and visually appealing location to keep your laundry baskets offers more advantages than you might realize. By concealing the cluttered and overflowing laundry baskets, you not only prevent an eyesore but also ensure easy access to them in a functional area. This reduces the chances of dirty clothes being thrown across the floor. When designing these pull-outs, remember that incorporating a mesh front is crucial. This feature helps to prevent moisture buildup in the drawer space, which can lead to mold and unpleasant odors. Additionally, the mesh front adds a decorative touch, enhancing the texture and aesthetics of your laundry area.

Ironing Board Pull-out Cabinet

Ironing boards can be cumbersome to store and retrieve frequently. A custom-built cabinet space to accommodate your ironing board and enable easy access can be extremely helpful. A user-friendly ironing board that is effortless to bring down and put back up will make ironing an easier process in your home. Having designated storage for your iron, steamer, and ironing essentials within the cabinet can enhance functionality. This setup ensures all your ironing supplies are conveniently located and neatly organized.

Heavy-duty Drying Rod

A sturdy drying rod is a must-have for any laundry room. It provides a designated space for hanging and drying clothes. Opt for a heavy-duty rod capable of supporting wet, heavy garments. It is important to plan for this rod and allow ample space underneath for the clothes to hang freely without bunching at the bottom.

Pull-out Drying Shelves

There can never be too many places for air-drying your clothes. Large drawers that double as drying racks are another practical addition for creating plenty of drying space. These versatile pieces are ideal for your laundry room; simply pull them out for use and push them back in when not needed.

Large Sink

A large sink in your laundry room can be highly beneficial, especially in a household with children or pets. These sinks are perfect for pre-cleaning dirty clothes or even shoes, keeping dirty shoes out of kitchen or bathroom sinks. They can also be used for bathing smaller pets. Make sure that these sinks are made of a durable material that can withstand wear and tear and even stand up against chemicals if needed while cleaning clothes or shoes.

Laundry Room Island

Having a laundry room island gives you extra countertop space. These islands allow you to have a large open countertop that can be perfect for organizing clothes when doing laundry or giving you plenty of space to fold clothes. These also offer the ability to put cabinetry underneath the island, providing even more storage. You could even use the storage underneath to have a clean clothes system, making it easier for family members to pick up their clean clothes from the laundry room.

Plenty Of Storage

A common trend throughout all these different options and tips is…storage!! We know that you can never have enough. No matter the size of your home or family, it seems a common problem that no one has enough storage. A laundry room can be a perfect space to store things that don’t get used daily. Therefore, it is essential to design your laundry room with plenty of functional storage and cabinetry. Not only will this keep your laundry needs and items neat, but it can also keep other things neat and organized, allowing your entire home to remain organized and functional.

Storage Freezer

A storage freezer is not a “must” for every laundry room but can benefit some homes. It allows you to keep the freezer in your kitchen organized and stocked with things you use regularly, while this freezer in the laundry room is more for long-term frozen items that need to be accessed less often. This is an excellent addition if you have family members who enjoy hunting or like to buy more oversized bulk items.

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