12 Design Elements that Create the Perfect Mudroom

12 Design Elements that Create the Perfect Mudroom

When designing your mudroom, it's essential to prioritize functionality and practicality. Consider storage space for shoes, coats, and bags and seating for putting on and taking off shoes. By selecting a design that suits your family's lifestyle, you can create a mudroom that is not only beautiful but also highly functional.

Bench Seating

Seating is vital for a mudroom space. This space needs ample seating, making it easy for those in and out to put shoes on and off. These benches can be designed into the locker system if you choose to keep the locker system open (we’ll get into those details next). If you decide to create a locker system that has doors and is closed off, you can make a separate bench. Seating in these spaces is essential!

Locker System

Locker systems provide designated spots for everyday items that often end up on the floor. Various design possibilities exist for organizing these belongings, such as hooks behind a seating bench or a locker system with doors. Opting for a closed-off locker system allows you to conceal any clutter, giving your mudroom a tidy and modern appearance. Alternatively, leaving the lockers open can maintain a sleek look by providing each item with space.

Wash Station

It is crucial to have a sizable, deep sink in this space to wash dirty hands and shoes effectively. You can maintain a cleaner space by providing a designated area for cleaning boots and hands. Additionally, having a dog washing station nearby can be convenient. A wash station for your animals can enhance your mudroom area. This setup allows for a quick wash of a dirty dog near an outside door, preventing muddy pawprints from reaching the nearest bathtub.

Shoe System

One effective way to establish a shoe system in your mudroom is by combining shelves, cubbies, and hooks. Shelves can store larger shoes or boots, while cubbies are perfect for organizing smaller shoes like sandals or slippers. Hooks are great for hanging frequently used shoes, keeping them off the floor and easy to grab.

Dog Food Station

If you have a dog, we all know that they can be messy. They can be very messy when eating, and having their food and water bowls in the middle of your living space can be an eyesore. This is why building a space within the mudroom to keep their food and water bowls is a great option. There are even design options that will allow you to hide the bowls when not used. Built-in bowls under the sink or in the walls are popular options. This will enable these bowls to stay out of the way and allow your pet to have its “own” dedicated space.

Incorporate with a Laundry Room

If you want to create mudroom space within your already-built home without any major remodeling, Incorporating mudroom features into your laundry room can give you the best of both worlds. Having both in one space can make cleanup less hassle and lessens the risk of tracking dirty clothes into your home. Incorporating the two together can be as easy as creating a built-in locker and bench system in your laundry room.

Make it Blend with the Rest of Your Home

Allow your mudroom to be a part of your home. Let it blend with the rest of your home. When designing, consider getting the same counters/cabinets as you have in your kitchen area. Although, your mudroom shouldn’t be removed from your style. It doesn’t have to be a bland room with no color or style. Have fun with how you style it. Let it go with the rest of your home’s style, but don’t be afraid of having color or pattern in this space.

Allow to be Closed Off From the Rest of the Home

We understand that areas like mudrooms can quickly become cluttered, as that is their intended purpose. However, this messiness can be unsightly when hosting guests or if it spills over into the rest of the house. A key recommendation for mudrooms is installing a door to separate the space. The choice of door can be as simple or elaborate as you prefer. One popular option is sliding barn doors, which are convenient to keep open or closed, slim, and can be easily tucked away beside the doorway.

Build Room for Storage

If you are designing a mudroom from scratch, we recommend building out double the storage you believe you need. When creating a new space, it is essential not to make it for what you need now but to look into the future and figure out what you will need. You always want to look for what you will enjoy from your home in the future.

Easy to Clean Flooring

Easy-to-clean flooring is something that seems obvious but is often overlooked. You will have muddy and wet shoes, kids, and animals in this space. You will want floors that are easy to wipe up and where mud or water doesn’t ruin them. Also, how you lay and style the floor can affect the ease of cleaning it. If you go for flooring with lots of grout space, mud will cake up in those cracks and cause it to be a pain to clean.

Close to a Laundry or Bathroom

Having your mudroom space near a bathroom and laundry room is highly beneficial. Since your mudroom will most likely be used as an entrance from the outside, it will be helpful if you have kiddos and pets coming in and out to play. The mudroom near those two spaces allows easy and quick access to these other places. If your home allows it, or you’re adding a utility space onto your existing home, it’s best to have a separate bathroom space within the mudroom.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about all the design elements that create a great mudroom. As always, if you are in the market to add on a mudroom or remodel a space into one, our team here at Framestead would love nothing more than to help you achieve that project! Contact our team via our Contact Form here on the website or call the office at (832) 376-5130. We serve the greater Houston area, including The Woodlands, Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, Porter, and Conroe.

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