Custom Hidden Storage – Hidden Bookcase Doors

Custom Hidden Storage – Hidden Bookcase Doors

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What’s behind door number one? Whatever you want there to be! For this particular client, we needed a creative way to conceal his large safe. A bookcase door seemed like a natural way to create an area where they could keep some decorative items as well as hide the safe. The bottom contains heavy-duty rollers so the door can slide over the wood look tile. When you walk into the closet, the light is tied into a sensor so there is no need to search for the switch.

Nice Bookshelf

This closet-sized room will also be used to house cable boxes and wires so they are not visible where the television will hang on the wall directly outside of the safe room.

What’s Behind That Bookshelf…?  

At another project, we installed a similar door entering into a guest bedroom suite. When closed, the door seamlessly integrates into the living room wall as there is a matching bookcase on the left side of the entertainment center. What a great way to make guests feel special when they stay in a room that is hidden in plain sight?

A Door To Another Room

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