Free Estimates     (832) 376-5130

Free Estimates     (832) 376-5130

(832) 376-5130

The Fitzhenry House

A relaxing mid-century remodel.

About this home

We placed the house and a detached garage/guest house at the outer edges of the lot, connecting them with a meandering brick wall. Doing this maintains the full functions of a large house, but at a kinder scale instead of a single towering, two-story structure fronting the street, a pair of bungalow-sized buildings face the neighborhood. Inside the home, design constraints were loosened and we were free to create an exuberant expression of individualism.


“We were devistated after Harvey hit. Thank God for the Framestead team. They swooped right in and showed us what to do every step of the way. We loved our house before the flood, but now it feels like a dream home.”

Roby Fitzhenry, Owner


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© 2019 Framestead LLC    •    All Rights Reserved
Site by AC

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