Mulbery Grove Primary Bathroom Details

Mulbery Grove Primary Bathroom Details

A close up look into a recent primary bathroom remodel. This stunning chic bathroom is full of functional and organzational surprises! Our client desired a bathroom that gave them spa like feels, but also wanted it to be a functional room where they can remain organized and even have extra storage!

Our client requested a functional yet elegant vanity space. To fulfill their needs, we replaced their previous mirrors with medicine cabinets built into the bathroom wall, providing ample storage space. We also added an extra cabinet to maximize storage capacity. In between the two sinks, we custom-built a floating storage cabinet, creating the illusion of separation between the two vanities while also providing additional storage space. The end result is a simple yet captivating vanity area that meets our client’s needs.

This next space did a complete 180 change! After discussing needs, we decided to replace the tub with a large walk-in shower. Our clients wanted to maximize their space and felt that a bathtub would not be utilized enough to warrant such a large portion of their bathroom. As a result, we removed the tub entirely and installed a spacious, elegant shower. We also included a shower bench for added functionality to ensure practicality for our clients as they age.

When our clients decided to remove their bathtub, we saw an opportunity to improve their bathroom’s functionality. We relocated the shower to the previous tub area, leaving an empty space where the shower used to be. To create more storage space, we suggested repurposing the old shower area into a custom storage closet. We designed a drawer system that offers easy access and optimal storage for items of all sizes. Our clients are now able to store their belongings more efficiently, and their bathroom looks more organized than ever.

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